Monday, 4 March 2013

Fleece Froggy Hat

I finally did a little sewing after months of having my machine covered up. It was to fulfill a promise I made in the fall to my friend, Jen. I told her I'd make her a fleece frog hat. She loves frogs, and she has to stand out to watch her students at recess regardless of the weather, so of course she needed a fleecy froggy hat!

I searched Google and found this great tutorial at Tracy's Treasury. Somehow, my hat turned out a bit puffier than Tracy's, most likely due to my lack of sewing lately - how quickly my skills weaken. I still think the hat is super cute and the puffiness adds even more character.

I had two more requests for this hat while I was sewing it...from my two little ones, of course! So, I'll get some more practice to sharpen my sewing skills again.


  1. That is definitely one cute hat! And I think frogs are a bit puffy aren't they, so actually your version is more authentic... rrribbit :)

  2. Your cute froggy hat will keep Jen snuggly and warm while she's out on playground duty. I bet the kids she's in charge of will be jealous, too.

  3. So very cute.....I like the puffiness.......No wonder Evie and Canaan want one!

  4. That's really cute! I love the eyes. I made a hat very similar to that for my boys for Halloween!

    Great minds think alike! lol! :-)

  5. So cute! I am it surprised E & C wanted one too!


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