Monday, 25 March 2013

Cress Egg Heads

Cress Egg Heads

Make your own cress egg heads! We picked up a packet of cress seeds when we were shopping for our Easter Garden. It was the perfect activity to do today with my little girl who's been ill and resting on the couch and my little guy who's been seeking extra attention due to his sister getting more attention while being sick. Anyway, it was an easy activity to do on the couch. We brought all the supplies over to her so she could enjoy making cress egg heads, too.

Cress Egg Heads : Sunny Stitching

If you want to make cress egg heads, here is what you will need:

Cress Seeds
Cotton Wool (Cotton Balls/Kitchen Paper)
Eggs Shells with the top cracked off
Egg Carton to hold egg shells
Sharpie to draw egg face

Once you've gathered all your materials, follow the steps below...

Cress Egg Heads : Sunny Stitching

1) Place cotton wool into egg shells until there are a couple centimeters left at the top of the egg shells.

Egg Heads

2) Draw faces on your egg shells...very carefully so they don't crack.

How to Make Egg Heads

3) Pour water over the cotton until it is damp.
4) Sprinkle seeds on top of the many as you want. The more seeds there are, the more hair your cress egg head will have.

Cress Egg Heads

Place the egg shells back in the egg carton and near sunlight. Watch them grow over the next week. Keep an eye on the growth and water if necessary.

Egg Heads

We can't wait to see what our egg heads will look like with their fluffy green hair...hopefully as fluffy as these mustached egg heads! ;-)

Egg Heads

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  1. I love it
    We do it every year
    I'm your newest folower from Creative Mondays Blog Hop .
    if you like follow back

  2. Love the idea...where did you get those seeds please...and are those the same ones on Chia Pets? 4yo has been asking for a Chia Pet for his room, but I'm afraid the cats will have a picnic with it! Great post!

  3. Great idea! Sorry to hear your daughter has been sick. Hope she will be better soon!

  4. These are hilarious!! So fun! Give Evie and Canaan a hug from me!


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