Thursday, 26 April 2012

3KCBWDAY4 - Through the Seasons

Today's Knitting and Crochet Blog Week topic has to do with knitting and crocheting throughout the seasons. Basically, I have to answer the question, "
How does your local seasonal weather affect your craft?"

This one is definitely one of the most meaningful topics to me this week. The whole reason I started my blog was to help motivate myself  to create throughout the year, but especially in the dark months.

                                                                   Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Since moving to England, I have experience a major lack of sunlight and warmth compared to what I was used to for most of my life. I always knew that I loved the sun, heat and lying on the beach, soaking it all in. What I didn't know is how shorter darker days would effect me emotionally. Year to year, the winter has brought me down more and more.

Time to fight it.
I made a list of the things that make me happy and lift my spirit: Bible Study, Exercise, Creating. Oh, and ask for a S.A.D. light for Christmas!

I signed up for a weekly Bible study, (slacked on the exercise), and started this blog to document my creations. It has helped immensely. I have created more this winter than I have in years. Typically, I have crocheted items according to an occasion - new babies, need for a new hat, etc. 

The past months, I've been at a loss at times because there haven't been many occasions. It has helped me explore a bit more and I've enjoyed making amigurumi (here and here, along with some I haven't posted, yet). 
I've also crocheted in new places just to keep my fingers moving and my emotions even. To sum it up, I've learned that I need to create in all seasons. During some, it comes easy and naturally. During others, it definitely takes more of an effort. But, through them all, the creative process helps me process my thoughts and maintain a sense of peace and joy regardless of the weather!
                                                                   Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

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  1. Trust me, even those of us born in the UK sometimes find the dark winter mornings and miserable weather hard to take!

    I got myself a sunrise alarmclock last winter, and it really helped with feeling more alert in the mornings, at least. Glad to hear you are finding ways to cope.

  2. Crochet and knitting bring some warmth into our lives...

  3. I think knitting is a great mood booster, whatever the project.

  4. Oh so glad to see you are able to help your mood with crocheting... and the elephant is so adorable!

  5. Thankful for sunny CA, but don't like the heat in summer. Cute Elephant!

  6. Where did you live before? and how come you ended up in the UK (if you don't mind me asking of course)

    I've lived in the UK most of my life and even I'm not used to the dark dreary days. I'm glad your crafting is helping :)

  7. Knitting and crochet is the new yoga... I read that somewhere and it seems to be true! It's a kind of meditation!

  8. I struggle emotionally with the dark winters, too, even though I love snow and cold. So I was very interested in seeing how you are combatting it. Good work! That rainbow picture at the end really made me smile!


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