Sunday, 11 September 2011

Boy Doll Pajamas

My little boy has recently adopted one of my little girl's baby dolls as his own. He carries it around, pushes it in the buggy, and takes care of it in his own way (which includes sometimes treating it like it's a ball and not a doll). The other day, both my kids decided they wanted the babies to be boys instead of girls -- a small problem because we only have girl doll clothes. But what a great opportunity to make something! I pulled one of CW's baby pajamas out of the charity bag and used this tutorial as a guide to make some boy baby doll pajamas. I made a paper pattern instead of just pinning an outline with the hopes that it would turn out wonderfully and I'd be able to make more in the future. I wouldn't say it was perfect. It's a little snug around the belly but at least it zipped. And now we have a baby boy!


Remembering 10 years ago.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Little Bunny Foo Foo

This one was made last spring, meant to be given as an Easter gift to my daughter. I have to be fair with my kids and so I started making a different one for my son. That one is still sitting in a bag in the closet. So, the bunnies were never given as Easter gifts. Sad.

 Then my daughter had her birthday about a week ago and I found the bunny in my stash of future gifts. I added it to her pile of presents. She loved it! She sleeps with it every night and named it Foo Foo. Happy!

***May 2012 - We've since changed the name to Love Heart Bunny because my little girl got scared of the Little Bunny Foo Foo cartoon that she saw at school. She wanted nothing to do with this bunny amigurumi for a long time and I was glad to finally find out why!***

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