Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pinned It & Did It

I've been on Pinterest for about a year and a half now which means I have a good little collection of pins for crochet, sewing, baking, upcycling and so on. I thought it would be a satisfying and attainable goal to start completing tasks I've pinned and have a regular post about them: Pinned It & Did It. 

Some will be successful and some will be failures. I thought I'd start on a positive note with a pin I just completed that was a success!

                 Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest

I pinned these gnome hats as possible favors to have for the boys at my daughter's fairy birthday party. I loved how the weren't just a plain cone shape like so many I have seen. I also love the beard...can a gnome hat get any cuter??

                                                        Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest

I spent a while just staring at these pictures, trying to figure out how I could make them. I noticed there weren't any side seams, which I liked. And even though I absolutely love the beards, I decided to leave them off of my hats so that the boys could possibly wear them on a daily basis and not just for play. 

I also wanted the hats to fit a bit looser and floppier than the pinned gnome hats. 

I drew a couple rough sketches on some paper, cut them out and taped them together to get a feel for what the shape of my pattern needed to be. 

Once I felt comfortable with my pattern, I sewed a test hat. It turned out really cute, but really small! Small enough to fit a baby, but definitely not any of the kids coming to the party. 

So, I made another test hat that was larger and loved it!

I made enough in different shades of blue chosen by the birthday girl and her brother. I'm hoping the kids will love them enough to wear them for warmth in the winter. 
When asked, "How many chocolate marshmallows did you eat at the party?"
He coolly answered, "All of them."

I've linked up to these fabulous parties!


  1. I love the hats! You did a fabulous job on them. I'd love for you to link them up to our What I Wore Sunday link party:

    See you soon!

    Holla! We're your newest followers! :)

  2. These are SO cute, Jessica!!!

  3. Jessica,
    I LOVE these hats! SO So SO cute and the kids look so cute in them.

  4. Awesome! It looks like the boys (and girls) loved them. Thanks so much for linking up at One Creative Weekend! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Hi Jessica, I've featured your Gnome Hat today...

  6. Ha ha, you've got the coolest little hats for the prettiest gnomes ever :)

  7. very cute and great idea! I too have been going through my Pinterest pins, completing projects, and posting the results on my blog. That's what it's for right?!

    PS- I'll be pinning this hat for sure!


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