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Cloth Diaper Cake Tutorial

Cloth Diaper Cake

This has been a week full of baby stuff! How fun...and I don't even have a baby! Today, I'm going to show how I made this gorgeous baby shower diaper cake out of all cloth baby necessities. It is very eco-friendly and any friend who is a mom-to-be would love it as a gift...I know I would have when I was expecting my babies.
 make a cloth rose

Here is what you need to make your own eco-friendly cloth diaper cake:

make a cloth diaper cake

- Muslin Cloths, Baby Bath Towels, Burp Cloths, Baby Wash Cloths, Baby Prefolds (Cloth Diapers)
- Ribbon (I replaced the one in this picture with a prettier ribbon when I made the cake)
- Scissors
- Chopsticks or something similar
- Cake Stand or another base on which to display your cake
- Baby Bibs

make a cloth diaper cake

Here is how you make a cloth diaper cake:

1. Place baby bibs on cake stand.
2. Fold baby bath towels to the desired width that will end up being the height of the first layer (I folded the baby bath towels in thirds lengthwise). Roll them up. Carefully wrap muslins or prefolds or burp cloths around the outside of the rolled towels. This is the bottom layer of the cake.
3. Tie a decorative ribbon around the rolled bath towels to hold them together. Some people use a rubber band to hold everything together. I used my hands and legs and carefully tied the ribbon. I didn't want an ugly rubber band to show through since my ribbon was transparent.
4. Stick a couple of chopsticks between the gaps in your rolled towels. Be very careful and gentle so that you don't accidentally snag the towels.
5. Roll burp cloths, muslins, prefolds the same way you did the towels, but make the width of the roll slightly smaller. This is the middle layer of the cake. Again, tie a ribbon around the roll to hold it together.
6. Very carefully, place the second layer on the bottom layer so that the chopsticks stick up into the gaps of the rolled cloths. The chopsticks will hold your second layer in place.
7. Roll washcloths or burpcloths, muslins, etc. in a similar way as the other two layers. I overlapped the washcloths in a line on the floor and then rolled them. This helped create a nice, even roll. Tie a ribbon around the roll. This is the top layer. You can end here or continue with a muslin rose on top.
8. Follow my tutorial to make a muslin rose. Then carefully and gently place a chopstick through the rose so that the rose is at the top like a lollipop.
9. Gently stick the chopstick into the center of the top layer until the rose is resting on top.

You now have a gorgeous cake that will make a lovely gift for any mum-to-be.

make a cloth diaper cake

Besides making a lovely gift, they add a special touch to the decor at a baby shower. Here is mine on the food table among a tasty assortment of snacks and sweets...

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  1. You made this very well!
    The eats must also have helped to make a very pleasant time together.

  2. So cute and better then just diapers. This is so very useful! Thanks for sharing. P.S. Save me some of that delicious food!

    Get Your Crap Together
    Pattern Party Starts the 1st of each month

  3. I love your usefull and lovely project!Well done!The table looks perfect.
    Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  4. So simple but so useful and beautiful!

  5. I wish I had found this post a couple weeks ago before my sister's baby shower! I am definitely pinning this for future reference!


  6. I've been wanting to make one of these for a while, so thanks for sharing this tutorial! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

  7. What a lovely baby shower! & great tutorial. I am featuring it on Thanks for linking up & sharing. Drop by for your featured button & to see your feature tomorrow. Theresa

  8. I've never made a diaper cake before...your tutorial makes it look so easy! I think the next shower I get invited to I just may need to make one of these!

    Thanks for sharing at the Project Stash last week. Don't forget to come back tonight and link up your "stash" projects to inspire us again this week. Party opens at 8:00 pm EST.



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