Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Transfer Tutorial

If you've seen my blog in the last week, you've probably seen my surfboard sign tutorial for this...

and these...

Well, now I have a moment to show you how to transfer a picture onto the surface of the surfboard. You can also use this method to transfer pictures onto all sorts of other surfaces for endless crafts and projects. Here's how I did it...
 First, I sketched a picture. Then I turned the paper over and used the side of the pencil to cover the entire paper (or at least the area of the paper that the drawing was on).
 Next, I decided where I wanted to place the picture on the surfboard and then taped it in place.

 Then I firmly traced over the original drawing.

When I peeled off the tape and lifted the paper, my picture was now on the surfboard and ready to paint! An easy peasy way to eliminate dark pencil and/or eraser marks on a surface that you'd like to be clean. :-)


  1. Thank you for the reminder of a classic technique! Hope you have a good day.

  2. No problem! I was hoping someone might find it useful. My mom had never seen it until we were making the surfboards together, so perhaps someone else will be enlightened, too! :-)

  3. Jessica, THis is such an easy tutorial to follow. The garden sign looks great in your garden!!!!!


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