Thursday, 19 July 2012

Surfboard Signs and Train Piñata

Finally finished! 
My mom and I spent one more day last week finishing our surfboard name signs. 
These surfboard signs felt like a never-ending project and at times our eyes went a little cross-eyed, but they were well worth the effort and we loved the result. My kids, niece and nephew loved them, too...which is most important since the signs are for them! They were all very specific about what they wanted on their signs and I think my mom and I did a great job at personalising them to perfection!

I also completed another homemade piñata. This one's a train piñata for my nephew. 

He asked me to make him a piñata for his birthday and I could not say no to his big puppy eyes and sweet smile. So, I made it on one of my last days in California. I kept wondering why I waited to the last minute to make it, but surprisingly finished it in one afternoon/evening. It took about 8 hours to make inclucing a few interruptions like dinner and bedtime for the kids...much less time than the donkey piñata and star piñata! I was very careful to keep it small...but also made sure to fill it with loads of candy! My nephew was so excited when he saw it the next day. He jumped up and down about ten times, saying "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

I'll have tutorials for both of these up soon, so stay tuned if you'd like to make either one for yourself! 

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