Saturday, 14 July 2012

Jean Pocket Purse Tutorial

Here is how to make a purse out of a jean pocket because you promised your little girl & boy you'd make them each one to use tomorrow at the Sawdust Festival...and you can't break your promise!

Totally worth staying up until after midnight...
My mom (Kay from JerryandKay) made the one for my little guy. My favorite quote of the night was when she said, "I've never seen Jimmy Kimmel before!" We laughed a lot after midnight.

Okay...if you want to make a purse from a jean pocket, here's how you do it...

First, gather your materials...

1. Old jeans  2. Rope, Ribbon, or Something long & narrow for a strap  3. Thread & Needle
4. Beads (optional)

 Cut out a back pocket from the jeans. Make sure you cut out the entire pocket, not just one side of it.
Then fold over the top and trim it to a length that you like. I cut mine along the stitching so it's a diagonal.

 Flip the pocket over and trim any excess fabric that may be sticking out at the sides.
Now, the really fun part...choose a button. Make sure you have plenty to choose from and a second opinion (mom) or a third opinion (dad) always helps, too! Especially, when the second opinion comes from the person who is making my little guy's bag (my mom, of course...she's got the best selection of buttons!).

 Once a button is selected, place it in a good spot.
Draw a line on the good spot and make sure it's the same width as the button. Carefully cut along the line to make a button hole. Then place a pin through the hole to mark where you'll sew on the button.

Get a friendly poodle to help you make sure your pin is in the right spot. Lift up the flap and put the button in the place of your pin.

Next, take three strands and thread them through a needle.

Sew the button securely in place. 
Now it's time to sew the straps on. After threading and knotting the end of a needle, stick the needle into the inside of the pocket and out through the side, then through the strap. This will keep the knotted end in the pocket and out of sight.

 Whip stitch the strap to the side of the purse. You can see that before I sewed the straps on, I strung some beads between two knots to add a bit more color to my little girl's purse. She loves pink. 
After the strap is securely stitched on to the purse, knot the end of the thread. Then push the needle back inside the pocket and then out after 3/4 inches or a couple centimeters. Pull the thread completely out and clip it very close to where it comes out of the fabric. This will hide the end of the thread inside the pocket. 

Stitch the other end of the strap onto the other side of the purse the same way.

Now, you've got a cute pocket purse for your kid to carry...or for yourself...or for someone else that you love! 

 She loved hers and carried it all day!

 She thought it would make a good backpack, too!

If you make one, I'd love to see it! 
Feel free to add a picture or two to my flickr group, Share with Sunny Stitching


  1. I love these, Jessica!!! So simple to make and they look so cute, especially with the beads!!!

  2. Thanks this is really great, love the idea

  3. This is a super cute idea! I'm going to make one for myself. Visiting from Sumos Sweet Stuff linkup :)

  4. What a fun pouch! I always save jeans, but never use them. Now I have an idea! Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.


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