Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rhubarb Bars ❤

I absolutely love my weekly veg box from Riverford Organic Farms. It's exciting to get fresh, organic veg every week. It makes my trips to Sainsbury's a lot shorter. And most of all, it challenges me in my kitchen creativity (which is not my strongest talent).

This past week, I was delivered rhubarb. I'd seen it before, so it wasn't a mystery veg like the celeriac. I'd also eaten it before - only a handful of times but enough to know it was good in desserts.

Perfect. I've been loving desserts lately ...which I'll probably be regretting when I get to California next week and will be amongst all the beautiful people. But for now, I'm bundled up for the cold, rainy, windy weather we've been having in England and am still in winter other words, eat a lot of food to stay warm.

I found a recipe for rhubarb crumble bars (Yum.) on Sweet Anna's blog and just happened to have all the ingredients in my kitchen, which was a pleasant surprise because I was struggling to find enough to make lunch and dinner. 

Anything with lots of butter and sugar and brown sugar has got to be good.

My kids helped me as usual. We made the sauce in the morning - went to a local pub to have lunch and bounce on a bouncy castle for an hour or so - came home - mixed the crumble bar recipe - baked it during nap/rest time - took it out of the oven.

It smelled and looked so delicious that after rest/nap time, we couldn't wait for it to cool completely. We cut into it and enjoyed the warm, melty deliciousness. Mmmmm...

Mom, why didn't you ever make anything with rhubarb? 

I'm only asking because when I told a few of my friends about making these rhubarb bars, they started to reminisce about their moms' special rhubarb recipes as if it were a common thing for moms to have special rhubarb recipes.


  1. I made a rhubarb pie one time with Charlie Moore but none of our children liked it!:) I think Charlie grew rhubarb in her big garden.
    What do you mean "beautiful" people here in California...we are all eating sweets right now. Wait until you see my next post.
    Why don't you make some of these rhubarb bars when you come? yummmmmm
    No longer a beautiful people.....Mom

    1. I'm so sad I didn't like it when you made it. I'm glad to hear you're all eating sweets, too. :-)

  2. By the way..I love the red and blue fingernails!!!!!

  3. Thanks! Evie, Canaan and I had fun painting our nails at our Jubilee celebration. :-)

    1. I'll bring the nail polish to CA with me and we can paint ours for the 4th!


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