Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee Flowers

Are you tired of Jubilee, yet?? I'm not...It was such an exciting weekend and I wish it was even longer than four days...of course. It was so cool to see everyone get in the spirit and wave their flags. We didn't make it into London on Sunday (would have just been me & the kids) but did our own special celebrations while we watched the pageant online ;-)

This last Jubilee post is not about the cake. It's all about the flowers.

I used a tutorial I had stumbled across and pinned. It's from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom and was super clear and easy to follow. I used her tutorial to make one smaller flower and one larger flower. Then I glued those together to create one giant flower. I used felt to secure one flower to the headband and the other flower to a clip.

My supplies:
The buttons...a random assortment from my small button stash. The fabric...leftover scraps from a tooth pillow and CW's trousers. Headband...out of EV's dress-up box. own. Overall cost...FREE! (ish) because I'm pretty sure I bought some of those things at some point in the past.

I originally made them to put on EV's dress. But, then I thought they would be just a bit too much and I didn't want to over-do it. So, I was left with two large flowers.


     Hair clip...

     Eye patch...

                Outfit complete...


  1. Absolutely beautiful post Jessica. I just love the flower you made and the whole outfit is perfect....esp on Evie who is so pretty anyway. I love you all.....Mom

    Will Canaan be in the next Jubilee post?

    1. I think this is my last Jubilee post...but he was in the previous one. Pretty soon I'll be posting from California! :-)

  2. Cool! I bought headbands to decorate for jubilee but it never quite happened. Very inspired by these though!

    1. Great! Maybe you can decorate them for another occasion...Olympics perhaps?? :-)


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