Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Our Creative Easter

It's been the most hectic March and April of my life, and has lacked health and time for creating or blogging or doing much of anything that I really enjoy. The week I was the most sick was the week with the best weather to top it off. The highlight was when my parents visited. Besides spending a beautiful day in Windsor, and another two sunny days in London, we had a bit of creative enjoyment with my little ones during Easter week.

Easter baskets with goodies inside from Nanny and Papa. They are extra special because the Baskets, Chirpies, and Peeps were all made by my mom (check out her awesome blog here called Jerry & Kay).

Bunny Pancakes!

 Bunny Bread!

 Dying easter eggs, of course! 
Our colors were not as vibrant because of the brown eggs...but still just as much fun!

Decorating easter hats...EV was really into decorating hers and chose what to decorate with and where to put everything (very symmetrical). CW wasn't into decorating his at all, and instead played with the eggs left over from our egg hunt. So my mom and I made his. :-)


  1. Sorry to hear you've been so sick :(
    I hope you're feeling better - your Easter fun looks fab!

    1. Was feeling better ...and believe it or not I now have tonsillitis again!


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