Sunday, 29 April 2012

At last you are the proud owner of the much longed for Sewing Machine.

Written in March, 2009:

The other day, I met some friends at the Chertsey Bookshop. I had half an hour from finishing work to rush home, pack up EV and be there by 10. Of course, I was running late, so I texted my friends and said so. When I walked into the bookstore, I didn't see anyone I knew. Is today Wednesday, I thought? It must be because yesterday was Tuesday. I checked my friend's text to be sure that we were meeting on Wednesday at 10. Wrong! Wednesday at 11. I was an hour early when I thought I was late. It was not a big deal because I needed groceries, anyway. After groceries, I still had time to kill, so I browsed through some charity shops (thrift stores). In the window of one was an old sewing machine for £30.00. I was immediately interested and they put it on hold for me. Today, I returned to the shop and had the lady demonstrate that it worked. She knocked off £10.00 and I bought it for £20.00! What a deal! Now I can hem my trousers and sew EV some animal costumes. The best parts are that the machine is hand powered and it has the original instruction manual with an entertaining opening letter.

Some of my favorite bits from the letter:

"Dear Housewife...At last you are the proud owner of the much longed for Sewing Machine."

"Although everything is still quite clear to you, it is possible that in time some of the directions given to you for making the various adjustments may escape your memory."

"Before using your machine we advise you to glance briefly at the pages of this bokklet."

"After reading these you will have become thoroughly acquainted with the working principle of your sewing machine; you will look upon it as living thing that has been placed under your care and protection."

Written today:
The pictures below are of some items I made on my treadle machine. It became impossible for me to use when I was pregnant with my little boy. It was too heavy and I was in too much pain from my SPD to crank the machine. On a happy/sad day, I donated it to a charity that helps ladies in Africa learn to sew and make a living from it...and then I bought a nearly new Janome. It's nothing fancy, but gets the job done, and I love it!

My very first project was a skirt for my baby girl.

 A dress made from one of Happy Together's tutorials.

An original fairy skirt and a bee costume (McCall's MP366).


  1. Dear Housewife,

    If the directions are complicated and you struggle to understand how your new sewing machine works, ask your husband to explain!

    1. I never knew you read my blog! Mom's going to be jealous ;-)

  2. wow, Joel made a comment on your blog? are definitely special!
    I loved reading the story and seeing the pictures of Evie when she was younger.


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