Sunday, 29 April 2012

3KDBWDAY7 - Crafting Balance

Today's topic for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is all about crafting balance. Am I a knitter or crocheter or both? Well, if you read my last post, you'll know that I am a crocheter with the goal to become a knitter. I love crochet and struggle with knitting, but I usually love the look of knitted items more than crochet items. I always have crochet projects on the go and aspire to have some knitting ones in the near future!

Left: One of my first crochet projects. Middle: Son's baby blanket. Right: Another first crochet project.
Can I interrupt myself to ask a question here? Thanks.

I'd like to knit a cowl - which one of these do you think would be a good first project for a new knitter?

1) Moss Stitch Cowl               2) Lyndhurst Cowl               3) Elphaba                4) InstaCowl

Besides loving to crochet and my desire to knit, I also really enjoy sewing. I love how quick it is to sew up lovely items. I was a frequent sewer from the time I learned at 9 years old through my university years. I remember hand sewing clothes for my barbies, browsing through pattern catalogues at the local fabric shop, borrowing cute dresses from my friends and using the to sew my own, and earning an award for best student in Home Ec. (at the time I was slightly embarrassed, but now I'm proud) after making an abundance of pillows and stuffed animals in middle school. I put aside sewing when I started travelling, mainly because it was impossible to pack my sewing machine. However, a little more than three years ago, I found a sewing machine at a charity shop and began sewing again. In my next post, I'll show more of the first few things I made and share the story of that first machine. It was a treadle machine without the treadle!

Back to the topic, though...I think I have a pretty good balance with the crafts I love. Crochet an item - Sew an item - and hopefully Knit some items soon!

I hope you've enjoyed Eskimimi Makes' Knitting and Crochet Blog Week with me. I have loved every minute of it. It has been a great challenge and delight to think about these two crafts and their significance in my life. I have also been very pleased to discover new blogs and to have read others' thoughts on the topics. I have laughed, sighed, and almost cried. Thank you Eskimimi Makes!


  1. I'd go for 4 or 2 - maybe 4 first with a view to doing 2 quickly after? You'll have fun!

    1. I concur with 4 probably being the best starting point, but I'd be inclined to also then try the Moss Stitch Cowl - it will require you to alternate between knitting and purling, which is a really useful thing to get comfortable with.

      Be warned, though - once I got hooked (no pun intended!) on knitting, it pretty much took over!

  2. I think # 2 has a better design. #4 is easier, but what make it amazing is that beautiful yarn.
    I agree with you re: crochet vrs knitting. I feel more comfortable with crochet, but love the look of knitting.


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