Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy New Year Hat

So, my plan to be continuously creative did not totally succeed throughout the fall months. Oh, the rain...the cold...the dreary days. They are not very motivating! The worst thing is that there weren't very many very cold days, or even dreary days for that matter. So I can't blame it on the weather, but I can think of enough other excuses: the kids, Christmas preparations, birthday parties, but in reality it was my own poor planning and procrastination.

Now it's 2012. I like the sound of this year. It's a nice even year, my favorite kind. I've been re-inspired to stitch. The winter continues to be very mild, but there was a pretty cold day last week when I was really wishing for a new winter hat. I have one that's pretty old and stretched out. I have one that I love but it's not as warm on those really cold days. I have one that broke a month ago and one that I like to save for rainy days. I was in need of warmth. I pulled open my drawer of forgotten yarn and rummaged through it all until I found inspiration. I don't know what kind of yarn this is, but it's left over from a blanket I made my little guy during the early months of my pregnancy. It's really soft. Then there was the search (and re-organisation) of crochet patterns. The chosen one is a design by yarncat that I printed years ago. That was Friday night....continued and completed on Saturday night! How could I have forgotten how quick and easy it is to make a small crochet project. How satisfying.

I'm motivated and ready to do more.

Happy New Year!


  1. Jessica,
    love the hat and you look beautiful in it!...I am going to print that pattern!!!!!
    i was thinking today of how much i love you!

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I'm a little less than handy with a needle and thread (or a crochet hook, or a sewing machine,...) so I'll have to keep my eye on your blog!! Good luck with your New Year's resolutions - I like even years, too! ;)

  3. Lovely. Thanks for linking up.
    tara @ Tales of a trophy Wife.


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