Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pinned It & Did It : Frozen Balloons

This edition of "Pinned It & Did It" makes me laugh when I think about it because unlike the gnome hats, this was pretty much a complete failure. I pinned this idea months ago via my sister...

The title of the pin reads is as follows: "Fill balloons with water, freeze and use and reuse them instead of ice! Good idea for birthday parties!" 
How clever, right? 

I was waiting and waiting to have a party that I could use the idea. The day of the fairy party was perfect - not too hot, not too cold, not too sunny, but not too grey either. So we needed cold drinks. I asked King Damascus (read About Me to find out who he is) to fill the balloons and freeze them. Easy. Ten fit in our freezer...plenty for our small party. Before the guests arrived, King Damascus cleaned a wheelbarrow that I thought would be cute to hold the drinks in the garden. Then we added the frozen balloons...


The balloons popped. All of them.

What a contrast to the festive idea that was pinned. I just made myself laugh because I realised there is a contrast in our beverages as well. Ha. At least we had some really large ice cubes to keep the drinks cold!

I've linked up to these fabulous parties!


  1. Good to know...I was thinking of doing that for a party next weekend. Maybe I will unpin it. How long did it take them to pop?

    1. Half of them popped almost immediately. The other half popped gradually during the party. One of our little guests had fun peeling the balloon pieces off the ice. I couldn't find specific directions anywhere on how to do it, so I don't know if we put too much water in or if we used the wrong kind of balloons or what. I'd definitely give it a test run before you do it for a party so you don't have to learn the hard way like me. :-)

  2. Jessica,
    I so laughed at this post!...I did notice the "variety" of drinks....and could hear the balloons popping. How funny.....a good laugh is great for everyone!!!!! Love the wheelbarrow idea and love the color of yours!!!


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