Monday, 23 September 2013

I'm Back...with some Madeline Pattern Info

I know I've been missing for a while...a long while...and here's why. I've decided to take a small step back from blogging. As life continues, the children grow up, and as I'm sure you all know there comes time and time again a moment to evaluate and prioritize a new stage of life. In doing this, I've decided to put blogging a bit lower on my list of priorities. However, please do not think this means that I'm disappearing completely! I'm still creating and will therefore still be sharing on my blog. My posts will probably be shorter and less frequent. My current creations of the moment it are mostly for my Etsy shop and upcoming craft fairs, which I am really excited about and will be sharing about soon!  For now, here is a quick catch up on promised information about the Madeline outfit I made for Sew Many Books...

Madeline Costume by Sunny Stitching

Madeline Jacket: Butterick B5809
Madeline Dress: Butterick B5876

Have a wonderful week!

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