Monday, 27 May 2013

Baby Shower Decor

baby shower decoration

I helped organize a baby shower for a friend last week. We did not want to go overboard with games and decorations, but still wanted it to have a special feel. So, we kept to simple baby shower decorations that included gifts for the mom-to-be to take home!

baby shower decoration

This one is a oldie but goodie. I love the look of the onesies hanging from a clothesline...I probably should have ironed them. Oh, well. To make it a bit prettier, we used sheer, slightly sparkly ribbon instead of an actual clothesline. 

wool soaker chandelier

We used the same ribbon to tie balloons to the "throne" and to hang these adorable wool diaper wraps from the chandelier.

wool soaker chandelier

I made the wool wraps from felted charity shop sweaters and Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker Pattern. I forgot to take more pictures of them before hanging them at the party, so this is the best you get to see. Hopefully, I'll be making some more for her soon.

diaper cake

Along with the onesie clothesline and soaker chandelier, we decided to have a "diaper cake." This was a bit tricky because the mom-to-be is going to use cloth nappies (diapers). Instead of using my own brain, I first tried to find an online tutorial for how to make one - impossible! So, I set my laptop aside, and used my own creativity to figure it out. Easy.

baby diaper cake

I will have a full tutorial on how to make a cloth diaper cake in the next few days in case anyone else out there ever needs a little guidance. In summary, I used baby bath towels, muslins, burp cloths, and lots of waschcloths to make the beautiful cake. So, I guess it isn't technically a diaper cake, but I actually think it is much prettier with the cloth instead of the disposables.

Click here to learn how to fold your own muslin cloth rose. Besides using them to top the cake, you could also use them in a bouquet or to decorate a wrapped gift.

baby muslin rose

In a few days, I'll put up the tutorial for the cloth diaper cake!

I'm linking up to some of these fabulous parties.


  1. Agree the cloth cake looks much nicer than with disposable nappies. Goes to show, disposable might be less work but the real stuff is always more beautiful.

  2. Jessica, The table setting is lovely and so cheerful and soft looking. The cloth cake is fabulous.
    I looked up the pattern for the wool did you know how to draw it on a 1 inch scale....It would be fun to make a few for those organizations that give them to mothers.
    Love, Mom

    1. I downloaded and printed the Newer Soaker Pattern. She has a square on the pattern that should be 1 inch. I measured the square. It was one inch, so then I cut the newborn size out of the printed pattern.

  3. Cute baby shower! I love the onesies on the clothesline. Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday.

  4. Everything is just darling! I love the towel cake and onesie clothesline! Thanks for sharing this at Monday Funday this week!

    Take care,


  5. love the onesies on the clothesline. Thanks for sharing.Eyeones Kids


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