Saturday 27 April 2013

Kids Clothes Week Day 6: Supergirl Costume

It's day six of Kids Clothes Week!

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I didn't have a chance to post for day 4 or 5 because of life. On day 4, I cut up a thrifted dress using a thrifted pattern for a girl's nightgown. On day 5, I sewed the front top to the back top, gathered the sleeves, and attached them to the bodice. Boring. There are no nice pictures of that process. It's at a stand still now because we got interrupted by Supergirl!

Supergirl Costume

Our local Hobbycraft had a fundraiser today and the theme was superheroes. They had a bake sale, craft sale, art sale, kids crafts, and a costume contest to raise money for a hospital. We love Hobbycraft and were excited to go to support the fundraiser today. Originally, I was going to take two Spidermen. Then, one of them changed her mind and convinced me to make her a Supergirl costume.

Circle Skirt

So, after a quick study of Supergirl's outfit, we visited Hobbycraft yesterday to get some red fabric (on sale 1/3 the regular price!!!). That left this morning for me to make the skirt, cape, and specially requested mask (this was desperately wanted knowing the real Supergirl didn't wear one). It was tough mainly because it's Saturday. Usually, there is nothing that we have to do and there is lots of time to play with the kids. It was hard to stay focused, but any time my little girl wanted me to play with her, I gave her the option: I can play now or you can have a Supergirl costume in a couple hours. She chose Supergirl every time. Miraculously, I was able to make a skirt using Made's Circle Skirt Tutorial. I used the yellow waistband left over from the shorts I cut up for the Batman T-shirt. So I altered Made's method a bit so that the raw edge of the waistband wouldn't show.

Supergirl Costume

I used Georia Lee's Superhero Cape Tutorial as a rough guide to make a cape. 

Kids Clothes Week

I simplified the applique by only sewing on the yellow shape and then stitching the outline of the "S" in red. From my costume inspiration, it looked like this was a bit closer to Supergirl's and it cut down on the time it took to make the cape, which was most important today!

Supergirl Costume

Finally, I made a mask. I used some felt left over from the chalkboard party favors and the drawstring from those same yellow shorts mentioned earlier.

I got it all done in the nick of time and quickly snapped these pictures on our way to the car with Supergirl and Spiderman. Funny enough, Spiderman won the costume competition! We came home with about £50 worth of Hobbycraft kid craft fun is that! My little guy fell asleep with a smile on his face tonight because he was so happy he won. I was just happy that I didn't have to make his was so easy to dig into the dress up box, pull it out, and put it on! But, it's also so satisfying to see my little girl proudly posing as Supergirl.

Kids Clothes Week Day 6

 If you're interested in participating in Kids Clothes Week, click here for more information.
Or you can take a look at all the great kids clothes that people are making by taking a look at the Kids Clothes Week flickr group!

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  1. You are AMAZING! and always seem to have the right colors from leftover fabric to create the most fabulous clothes!!!!!
    They are SUPER HERO CUTE!
    Hope you bring these (I mean the costumes) this summer,

  2. Where I live never rains but a few days ago it not stops raining ... I have not been able to go to the post office but I promise you that tomorrow I will try to send your prize of Giveaway. I love this dress! You know sewing, crocheting ... do you know all! Your children are beautiful!
    Congratulations, Jessica!!!

  3. Adorable! Hopped over from the link party and you are definitely an idol mom. I have no sewing skills and wish I did. Definitely checking out more of your blog and your etsy shop. New follower!

    PS – My May giveaway will be for a new blog design by my personal designer! Starts in 3 days! Our Journey

  4. OMG! This is killing me. Thanks for sharing!
    Get Your Crap Together

  5. An AWESOME Supergirl outfit, Jessica!!! And a good lesson for your little girl, learning that she had to give up a little time in return for her outfit, which she is obviously very pleased with. I'm sure you'll all have lots of fun using Spiderman's winnings.

  6. So fun! I've been thinking about doing a cape for my little girl, but now....

    I'd love if you shared these at my Show & Tell party going on this week.

  7. I saw your post featured on Threading My Way. Adorable. Pinning!


  8. Hi Jessica, I've featured your Supergirl costume today... Threading YOUR Way ~ Features

  9. That's SUPER cute!!!! hehe.
    Stopping by from Threading My Way ;-)

    Cass x

  10. Excellent post! I like this...Thanks for sharing!
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