Tuesday, 6 November 2012

WIPs and October catch up

It's been a busy week...too busy to blog! I was so busy with Halloween costumes last week that I could barely get pictures of them, let alone post about them. Now that October's over, I've got a minute to show a cute cowgirl and cowboy...

It's half home-made (chaps, denim vest, & orange blouse) and half from the closet & NCT nearly new sale. Both kids designed their outfits completely. I sketched them out as they told me so that I was sure I wouldn't get it wrong. They both loved their costumes and wore them to three different Halloween celebrations. By the fourth, they were tired of saying "Howdy" and went for their more typical attire as Cinderella (made by my mom) and Spiderman. I also managed to make a red riding hood cape, a wolf's tail, wolf hands, wolf legs, and wolf feet. Our floor was one furry mess after that.

I've also been busy with some works in progress...and doing some research on how to open an Etsy shop! I'm so excited about this. It's not open, yet, but it should all be set up soon! My mom and I will be opening our shop together. We like the name Sunshine Makings. What do you think?


  1. Jessica, Thanks so much for posting these pictures. I was so excited to see them riding their horses!!!! What kind of fabric did you use for those fabulous chaps Canaan has on!!!!!
    So excited for December.
    Love, Mom

    1. The chap fabric was some sort of fake fur. It was in the remnants bin at Tatters and I got it for 96p. I used every bit of it...just enough!


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