Sunday, 28 October 2012

UK and USA Crochet Terms

I sat down a little while ago to crochet a hat from a pattern I recently found at a charity shop. I quickly got very confused about what I was doing and what I was stitching and what I was supposed to be stitching. Hm. Then I took a second to think. I know that crochet hooks are different in the USA and UK. I know that crochet yarn weight is slightly different in the USA and UK. Ah hah! I bet the crochet terms are also different. I checked it out and it is so.

I made this UK vs USA crochet stitch chart for my own future reference and thought I'd post it in case anyone else might stumble upon my blog with the same problem I encountered tonight. I'll continue to update it if I come across any other terms that are different...and if you know any, please let me know. Thanks!

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