Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mint Green & Grey Fingerless Gloves

crocheted fingerless mittens

Today, I am happy to show two different styles of crocheted fingerless gloves - one that I made and one from my mom.

mint green fingerless mittens

These mint green fingerless gloves are made from acrylic/wool blend yarn and are long enough to cover most of your fingers.

crocheted fingerless mittens

I love the color because it's nice to see a bright color during the 100 days of darkness, which is our name for the shorter winter days.

crocheted fingerless mittens
 These cute grey fingerless mittens aren't as bright, but you can't go wrong with grey.

grey crocheted fingerless mittens

These fingerless mittens are an easy pair to wear and look adorable on anyone. I mean this when I say it because I saw more than a few ladies try them on at two craft fairs I sold at recently (more to come on that). They were my biggest seller!

crocheted fingerless mittens

You can find both of these styles and colors in our Etsy shop, Sunshine Makings.

Remember to use coupon code: SSBLOG for a 10% discount.



  1. Love love love the green mittens.

  2. Both sets of mittens are beautiful! I'm partial to grey, but the green one's are also fantastic. I'm in the process of knitting some cabled, fingerless mittens for my daughter's amazing preschool teachers. It's such a quick and easy project!

  3. Love your gloves. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  4. These are so cute!


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