Friday, 25 May 2012

Cardigan Make-over

I bought a dress yesterday. I needed a cardi to wear with it. I couldn't find one at the shops today. I came home and looked in my wardrobe. I saw this...

It's really cute but I've hardly worn it since I bought it. I decided to make it shorter so I could wear it with my new dress.

I cut it off to the length I wanted.

 I folded the hem, pinned, and sewed.



I'm confident that I'll get much more wear out of it now!


  1. Corey says OOH LA like someone in a magazine.
    Mom says...what a cute makeover to that cardigan..and it looks so pretty with your new dress.
    XXOO from Mom and Corey

  2. Perfect! Looks great!
    So smart. :-)

  3. Great fix! It looks great! Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesday.


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