Thursday, 23 February 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. I checked my email and found that I had been given a Liebster Blog Award! I haven't received an award since I was 13...and funny enough that award was for best student in Home Economics. I was slightly embarrassed at the time because sewing and baking weren't nearly as cool as surfing. But, I'm proud now!
As for the Liebster Blog award...what is it? After searching around a bit, I found out that nobody really knows its origin. This doesn't bother me a bit, though, because I also found out (Google Translator) that Liebster means "favorite" and is given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. How honoured I feel to know that someone loves my blog enough to nominate me for this award! Thank you, Libby, for so kindly thinking of me.

Now, in order to be fully awarded, I must do a few things.

First, I must thank and link back to Libby who nominated me. She's got a great new blog called Truly Myrtle, does beautiful knitting, and was in the top 5 on Project Run and Play sew-a-long for her signature outfit
Second, I must paste the award onto my blog. You can see it above and in my sidebar. 
Third, I must nominate 3-5 other bloggers to receive the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog. So, I nominate...
♥ Jerry and Kay
Yes, they are my parents, but that's not why I'm nominating them! I feel they truly deserve this award because they are full of all kinds of amazing, creative, and loving talent. Their blog is full of beauty: sewing, growing, and even constructing a flower press.
♥ Kara's Creative Place 
I've been following Kara's blog for a while now. I love all her ideas, crafts, tutorials, and upcycling. Some of my favorites include her treasure mirror, her jewelry, and her ruler basket.
Grow Creative
This is one of the newest blogs I've come across. Elise has beautiful watercolor paintings and sketches. I found her through a link party where she had linked up her first crochet hat pattern. It's first on my list of things to make next!
United Cakedom
Mmmmm...what else can I say. If you have a sweet tooth, you've got to visit United Cakedom! Yes, I like Lisa because she is a fellow American living in the UK, but I *love* Lisa because of all the yummy goodness she shares - cookies - cinnamon rolls - brownies - just to name a few.

Yay! It's now official... I'm a Liebster Blog Award recipient!


  1. Great Nominations! Can't wait to spend more time browsing through these new (to me) spaces!

  2. Yippee Jessica!! Lovely nominations!!

  3. Jessica,
    I am so excited for you and proud of you. I think your blog is just fantastic and love to look at it to see what you have posted.
    Sending many thoughts of love to you today!!!!

  4. Thank you for the nomination! I am honored :)


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