Monday, 29 August 2011

Bees and Bugs

Last year, EV was totally into the Bee Movie. She loved seeing bees in the garden and even got excited when they flew into the house. It was not surprise that she wanted to be a bee for Halloween. I found a super cute pattern for a toddler bee costume, but only had a week to sew it all together. This was when I only had a treadle sewing machine and did not sew on a regular basis. It was a very slow process but well worth it. So, this year I'm doing it again . . . times 3! EV's going to be a dragonfly, CW's going to be a spider, EV's best friend's going to be a lady bug, and her little brother is going to be a bee.

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  1. How fun to make the three costumes this year and also have esty's brother use the bee one!!!!!
    I just noticed that McCalls has some easy to sew patterns that are $2.47 each and they include some costume patterns in that group.
    Love you,


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